Beyond the Surface

Beyond the Surface


Pencil on paper

26cm x 26cm (Unframed)

Giclee prints of the Beyond the Surface series will be available soon, contact for more information.









All Images Copyright owned by Ellie Davison-Archer

Beyond the Surface is a meticulously rendered pencil drawing that was created during a residency at The Royal Drawing School studios at Dumfries House. Inspired by the vast natural landscape and extensive accessibility to objects of organic origin, I began exploring the unseen surface of these forms that are overlooked due to their familiarity. Beyond the Surface focuses in particular on the external terrain of a fallen oak leaf, which is an iconic emblem of the Bute family. Given that the Dumfries House estate was saturated in the symbol and that natural oak leaves could be readily found when wandering the grounds, exploring the microscopic structure of the form became of interest. Beyond the Surface brings to attention the detail of familiar forms that we often fail to see or neglect to notice, combining the scientific process of exploring the macro with the conscientious approach of drawing to produce a greater level of appreciation and awareness of the forgotten natural world that surrounds us.