Distortion - NUA Student Exhibition

9th - 18th March 2016

The Playhouse, Norwich

Own work: Point of Enquiry, Crustacean Collection & Untitled (Barnacles)


Exhibiting Artists: Ellie Davison-Archer, Steve Appleton, Mary Jones & Rosie Green








All Images Copyright owned by Ellie Davison-Archer

This instalment of the NUA Student Show is curated upon a shared appreciation and interest in forms of a natural or animalistic origin. Through varied materials and artistic approaches, the selection of Illustration and Fine Art students, from Norwich University of the Arts, have been able to collaborate in response to mutual themes and concepts that highlight the presence of nature we visually experience in everyday life. The influence of our unique perceptions and observational encounters alter and sculpt our viewing experience that is then transcended by the artists in various mediums. The outcomes are evidence that our alternate perceptions result in curated distortions of reality that produce playful combinations of the real and imaginative. The works highlight the mundane and ordinary forms we have become accustomed to, their familiarity masking their presence that is now hidden in plain sight. Through manipulation, distortion and further investigation, these forms regain a greater level of appreciation and begin obtaining viewership as separate entities from their common origins. Delivering an alternative outlook on the world that surrounds us, the artists present personal documentation of observation and imagination that challenge the act of looking.