Enquiry #2

Enquiry #2

22nd - 24th April 2016

THIRTEEN a, Norwich

Work Included: The Act of Looking, Point of Enquiry, Untitled (Barnacles) & aluminium experiments         


Opening times: PRIVATE VIEW Friday 22nd April 6pm - 8pm

                           Saturday 23rd April 1pm - 5pm

                           Sunday 24th April 1pm - 5pm




All Images Copyright owned by Ellie Davison-Archer


Enquiry #2 is a solo exhibition produced as a continuation and refinement of works developed within Ellie Davison-Archer’s final year of study. Progressing from her first solo exhibition Enquiry, her current practice enhances the visual exploration into the overlooked and challenges our perceptions of the familiar through magnified viewpoints and fragmented representations. The meticulous drawings and imperfect aluminium cast objects create a point of visual enquiry, encourage the act of looking and create a sense of curiosity derived from the now ambiguous forms. With inspiration from museological and scientific display, the drawings and objects become new entities of elevated status and challenge the object hierarchy of their original forms.