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The Act of Looking

The Act of Looking


Pencil on paper

100cm x 147.5cm (Unframed)

Giclee prints of The Act of Looking will be available soon, contact for more information.


The Act of Looking will be on display at the Norwich University of the Arts Degree Show 2016 31st May - 8th June 2016



All Images Copyright owned by Ellie Davison-Archer

The Act of Looking is a meticulously rendered drawing derived from a visual investigation into the hidden detail of neglected detritus. Through magnification, their visual familiarity is obscured to create an ambiguous entity that becomes the central point of looking, engagement and curiosity. Elevating the mundane status of the original objects, by highlighting what is often unseen, brings to attention the forms we fail to notice and how are unique perceptions alter the image that is transcended. Influences from scientific enquiry and the vitrine, as a display device, have contributed to the presentation of the drawing to compel the viewer to begin their own visual investigation of the work.