Untitled (Weed)

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All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer Akos Major.

Untitled (Weed) 


Pencil on paper roll

Approx. 170cm x 250cm 

‘Untitled’ Weed focuses upon the mundane weed represented through an uncanny scale and orientation to distort the viewers preconceptions of the everyday object. The initial overlooked status of the specimen is challenged with the meticulously detailed drawing style that highlights the weed’s inner beauty and structure that would ordinarily remain unnoticed.

Surrounded by negative space, the specimen becomes isolated from its familiar context, suspended within this endless void that not only captures the form but heightens his presence towards the onlooker.  

Untitled (Weed) is available as a limited edition Giclee print run of 50 30.5cm x 40.8cm prints - Please contact for more details about availability and pricing.






All Images Copyright owned by Ellie Davison-Archer.